The legislation establishing and governing the role of CMC is as follows:

Royal Decree on establishing the Cambodian Midwives Council

CMC was established following a Royal Decree issued on the 18 September 2006  The Royal decree enshrines the Midwife Council as an autonomous health profession regulatory authority and responsible for handling all financial aspects and ensuring professional dignity, interest and morality within the profession.

The perceived roles of the Council at its initiation were as follows:
  • To register all midwives, develop and update the data bank of midwives working in the country;
  • To develop a midwife code of ethics and monitor implementation on the principles of morality, righteousness, fairness and loyalty necessary for effectively performing as a midwifery professional;
  • To observe the performance of its members regarding their professional obligations, judicial, counselling and  mutual assistance functions; and,
  • To set up an organisational structures, national, regional, provincial, municipal committees required to be an effective regulatory authority.
Further details of the royal decree can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here  open - save

Both documents are enshrined in the midwives 'Handbook'
Both documents are enshrined in the midwives 'Handbook'
Sub Decree on Code of Ethics for Midwives
In January 2013 a Sub Decree setting out a code of ethics for midwives was signed by Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN Prime Minister of Cambodia and governs all midwives who have received permission from the Ministry of Health to practice midwifery.

The objective of the Sub-decree is to define the professional midwifery code of ethics in the Kingdom of Cambodia and its goal is to uphold Midwives’ ethics, values, integrity, effectiveness, and discipline in midwifery practice in particular obtaining the public’s trust.

Further details of the Sub Decree can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here open - save

Prakas on a Core Competency Framework for Midwives in Cambodia

On Monday the 23rd of September 2013 the core competency framework steering committee gave it’s approval for the ’Core Competency Framework for Midwives in the Kingdom of Cambodia’ document and officially approved by the Minister of Health on 6 December 2013.

Work on defining the core competencies that all midwives need to have in the future started in 2010 with CMC facilitating a diverse technical working group comprising senior midwives, doctors, managers,  representatives from the Ministry of Health, health NGO’s (national and international) and representatives from the regional and national education and training institutions from both the public and private sectors.

Their work was overseen by a high level steering committee chaired by Professor Thir Kruy, Secretary of State for Health, In his closing remarks of the final steering committee meeting he commended the work of all those involved especially the CMC who has lead the work from 2009 and is the first Council to develop competencies based on international standards.

The core competencies in the document refers to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required of every midwife in Cambodia throughout their careers and will be essential to the development of future midwifery curricula and national exit examinations.

The Prakas for ’The Core Competency Framework for Midwives in the Kingdom of Cambodia’
can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here open - save .