Returning to the Register after a break in service

     If you are already a registered midwife with the Council but have had a break in service of 3 years or more then you can apply for general provisional  registration  this category is for any midwife who wishes to return to clinical practice after a break from service of 3 years or more, but who has not yet fulfilled the CPD and Clinical Practice hours requirements.

The requirements for general provisional registration is follows:

       Be a Khmer national. 

       Be in good physical and mental health to perform the duties of the profession

       Be without a criminal record

       Be without a history of professional misconduct or disciplinary action

       Agrees to abide by the Sub-Decree on Code of Ethics for Midwives

      Presents at least one of the following to the Provincial Midwives Council Office at the time of registration:

a. A pre-service midwifery qualification from a training institution in Cambodia that is recognized by MOH or MOE

                                                              i.     Those qualifying after 1stJanuary 2014, must also submit documentation of having have completed and passed the ‘National Exit Examination’

b. A midwifery diploma, degree or certificate of study from an institution outside of Cambodia that has been certified by the Degrees and Certificates Evaluation Committee(DEC) of Cambodia

                                                            ii.     In the event that the qualification has not been certified by DEC at the time of initial registration,the applicant will not be barred from consideration for registration; however she must attain the necessary certification within the first year of her registration cycle.  If she does not attain this certification, his/her name will be removed from the Register until the document is provided. Re-registration will be required in order to be re-instated onto the Register.

c. A completed and signed copy of the Verification of Midwifery Qualification Letter, for those midwives who received but no longer possess their certificates of training because they were either lost or destroyed. This letter must be certified by the academic institution from which the qualification was initially obtained.

d. A ’Verification of Midwifery Competencies’ Letter stating that she is competent in all seven of the clinical domains outlined in the Prakas on Core Competency Framework for Midwives in the Kingdom of Cambodia, for those midwives who received but no longer possess their certificates of training because they were either lost or destroyed and/or for midwives who never received a formal pre-service education. This letter must be certified by her employer and Provincial Health Department in the Province where her/she is employed (Appendix 2).

If you are registered in the category of  General (Provisional) then you:

Are allowed to perform all of the duties of the profession but not allowed to perform any of these duties independently until the required number of supervised practice hours are completed and you have applied for re-registration as General practicing midwife with the Council. All duties must be performed under the direct supervision of a midwife registered as Type 1A – General.

All midwives registered in this category must be working towards obtaining The Council’s ‘Letter of Approval of Competence by a Supervising Midwife’ which is available from your local PMC  The registration is valid for a maximum of 1 year.

If you were a midwife on the Council’s restricted part of the general register and wish to return to practice after a break of 3 or more years then all the above information applies except that your supervision will be in only those domains of competence specified in your original ’Verification of Competencies letter signed by your employer and PHD  

For further details of CMC’s  ’Standards for re registration and guidelines for continuing professional development (CPD) click open - save