CMC's main partners

The Ministry of Health
Cambodia is one of the signatories to the UN Millennium Declaration of 2000 and the government is committed to reducing maternal and infant mortality by setting targets laid out in the Health Sector Strategic Plan 2008 - 2015, the role of CMC is to support the MOH by raising standards of professional midwifery practice. Further details of the Health Sector strategic Plan 2008 - 2015 can be obtained by clicking open - save

The Ministry of Health (MOH) employs the majority of midwives in Cambodia and therefore is a key stakeholder in CMC’s role which is to raise  the professional and ethical practice by setting standards for midwives and midwifery training.

The Fast Track Initiative Road Map for maternal mortality reduction, developed by the MOH is a key document as it outlines initiatives and strategies that can help women survive and their children and communities thrive and has as one of its core components increasing the numbers and strengthening  the quality midwives and those providing maternal and child health services. Further details of the Fast track Road Map can be obtained by clicking on open - save.

United Nations Population Funds UNFPA
UNFPA has supported CMC since 2009 with consultancies for strategy implementation and other organisational development and annual activities including a Programme Assistant to the Council.

University Research Centre (URC Cambodia)
URC has provided technical assistance to CMC in the development of an electronic registration system and this web site.

Voluntary Service Overseas International (VSOI)
VSO has been providing technical support to CMC Dr Kathryn Hinchliff has been organisational development adviser from June 2011 - November 2013

CUSO  International
Cuso International is based in Canada and works in collaboration with VSO International has provided technical support to CMC Dr Robin Hill from October 2013 - November 2015.

World Health Organisation (WHO)
WHO Cambodia has provided funding to enable the President of CMC to participate in a study tour of Thailand where she was able to learn at first hand how another Asean country has successfully implemented midwifery regulation.
In addition WHO Cambodia has funded several overseas seminars and conferences where CMC’s President has presented the workand progress of the Council including to Vietnam and Durban South Africa.
As a result of these visits CMC has developed wide networks and contacts with many overseas countries and a ’Twinning’ relationship with Thailand.

International Confederation of Midwives
Cambodia has been  a member of the International Confederation of Midwives for many years and several CMC members have attended ICM congress and seminars both as participants and speakers in July 2012 Madam Ing Rada Pesident of CMC gave a presentation at ICM’s Asia Pacific Region conference in Vietnam about the progress made by the Cambodian Midwives Council.

It is acknowledged that there are many other government and non government organisations with whom CMC works both directly and indirectly.