Joining the Register; Frequently Asked Questions for Cambodian National Midwives

Registering every midwife is important for public protection because it ensures that they are properly qualified, and have good health and conduct and are fit to use the title of midwife,

Below are some frequently asked question about registration:

Is it compulsory for all midwives to register with the Council?

It is the law and is stipulated in the Royal Decree (article 4) "that every midwife shall register with the Council if they wish to practice midwifery or work in health administration".

What is the benefit to the midwife for being registered?

She will become a legal professional midwife in Cambodia and be able to demonstrate that she meets the standards set by the Council.

What are the requirements to register?

A midwife needs to complete a registration form; produce her certificates and evidence of her qualifications, good mental and physical health and character; 

What does it cost to register?

It costs US $5 to register the first time and US $5 every year to remain on the register

Why do midwives have to pay US$5 a year to the Council?

The role of the Council is to protect the public from those midwives who do not meet the Council’s standards and may not be properly qualified. The government is responsible for providing safe midwifery services and have delegated the responsibility for monitoring a midwife’s practice and ethics to the Council through the Royal Decree. In the Royal Decree it stipulates that CMC is an autonomous organisation which means that midwife members have to govern themselves and be self financing in accordance with article 36. Membership fees are set by the Council’s executive team.

How long does registration last?

For national midwives registration lasts for 3 years then a midwife has to re register requirements for re registration are set out in the ’staying on the register’ section of this website.

Do retired midwives have to register? 

No, If they do not continue to practice midwifery in any capacity

Where do midwives register?

Midwives register with Provincial Midwives Council in the province where their work is located

What does a midwife do if she changes her work and it in a different province?

The midwife must register with her new province and inform her old province of her move as soon as possible

Can a midwife register if she has either lost her certificates or never received a certificate/qualification?

Yes a midwife can obtain a verification of qualification letter from the appropriate PMC office which can then be sent to the training centre/university for completion your PMC office will explain how to do this.

Can a health care worker who may not have a formal qualification in midwifery (approved by MOH) but is working in maternal and child health services and may have had limited training register?

If a midwife is currently working in maternal and child health services and undertaking some if not all of the core midwifery competencies as defined by the Ministry of Health’s ’Core Competency Framework for Midwives in the Kingdom of Cambodia’ she can still register with the Council under the restricted part of the register and by doing so she will have to agree to abide by the standards set by the Council but will  need to complete a ’verification of competencies letter’ signed by her employer and PHD. This letter will be provided by your PMC office who will explain what needs to be done.

How does a midwife contact her local PMC office?

Contact telephone numbers for all PMC offices can be found in the ’useful information’ section of this website.

Joining the Register; Frequently asked Questions for International/Foreign Midwives

Do international/foreign midwives have to register?

Yes, they will be able to register with the Council after the 1st of January 2014, registration lasts for 1 year after which they must re register and meet the Council’s standard for re registration set out in the ’Staying on the register’ section of this website.

What are the requirements for international/foreign midwives to register?

International/ foreign midwives must:-
1.    Abide by Sub-decree on Code of Ethics for Midwives in Cambodia
2.    Respects Khmer culture
3.    Holds citizenship in a country that is a World Health Organization Members State
4.    Hold an authentic and up-to-date license to practice midwifery or an equivalent certification to practice midwifery, certified by the relevant licensing authority in the country of issue.
5.    Holds a midwifery degree certified by competent authority in her country
6.    Be without a criminal record and has an original recent criminal background check certified from their home country and recognized by the competent authorities from their home country.  
7.    A letter of good professional standing issued by the official/appropriate bodies (council) in the country/countries where she originated or has been previously registered or licensed to practice midwifery
8.    Has the appropriate Visa (Type E) for her type of work in Cambodia that is valid throughout the duration of the registration period.
9.    Has a Certificate of Good Health issued by the national hospital in Cambodia.

Where do international/foreign midwives register?

She shall register with the CMC central office in Phnom Penh as there is someone there who can speak English and help her with the porcess,

Registration Form for Foreign Midwife   Open   Save

Contact details are:

Telephone: +855(0) 23990383 or e mail:  

What is the registration fee for international/foreign midwives ?

Registration Fee: 20 USD and Annual Fee: 50 USD

Please note that the CMC is currently developing an on line registration data base and more details about this will be posted on the website in the near future