Monitoring the performance of midwives

In article 2 of  The Royal Decree establishing the CMC stipulates:
"The Midwives Council shall monitor and ensure implementation of principles of morality, righteousness, fairness and loyalty necessary for effectively performing as the medical professional and Para-medical professional."

"The Midwives Council shall observe performance of its members regarding the respect of professional obligations and other regulations stipulated in the Code of Ethics for Midwives.
"The Midwives Council shall preserve honour and dignity of the medical professional and Para-medical professional."

CMC will fulfill its monitoring role through the Regional Midwives Council (RMC’s) supported by the disciplinary unit of the National Midwives Council (NMC) by setting up effective, fair and transparent systems for investigating complaints about the performance of a midwife and dealing with disciplinary issues which act in the best interests of public safety and which are based on improvement not punishment.

CMC will use the Sub Decree ’ A Code of Ethics for Midwives’ as its major monitoring standard a copy of which can be obtained by clicking view - save

The role of Regional Midwives Councils is to receive, investigate and make decisions about all complaints reported about the practice of midwives.

All complaints have to meet Council’s guidelines for ‘Standards of Acceptance’ of a complaint about a midwife registered with the Council.

In very serious cases this may mean that a midwife who is the subject of the complaint should not be allowed to practice at all or that they should be limited in what they are allowed to do until an investigation has been completed in this instance the President of the Regional Midwives Council may invoke article 31 of the Council’s procedure called ’ CMC’s internal Procedure for Receiving and Investigating Complaints and Dealing with Disciplinary Issues’ in order to safeguard the public until a thorough investigation which may include a formal hearing before a panel of RMC midwives / advisers has been completed

All of CMC’s disciplinary complaints procedures currently in draft form awaiting legal scrutiny and Council approval once fully approved they will be made available on this website.

It is envisaged that the Council will be able to start receiving complaints about the performance of a midwife and dealing with disciplinary issues in early 2015  once RMC and NMC disciplinary unit members have undertaken rigorous training in this important role and the Council has the resources it needs to be both efficient and effective.