CMC's Register

CMC is committed to enabling all those working in maternal and newborn services who call themselves a midwife but who may not possess approved MOH qualifications in all 7 core competency domains set out in the Prakas on ’ Core Competency Framework for Midwives in the Kingdom of Cambodia’  to register with the Council so that they can be supported and work to the standards of the Council.

It is vital therefore that all those in the current workforce who wish to register do so immediately as, from 1st January 2015 only those new graduates from MOH approved programmes and who have completed the national exit exam will be entitled to register

CMC’s new on line electronic register is designed to take account of the many different trainings and qualifications that midwives in the current workforce have.

There are 3 main categories /types;

        1.   Practicing midwives general (4 Sub types)
a) General, competent in all 7 competency domains;*
b) General restricted, competent in less than all 7 competency domains;
c) General provisional; for those sub type a midwives who have had a break in service and/or who do not meet CMC’s practice/ CPD  standards;
d) General restricted provisional; for those in subtype b midwives who have had a break in service and or do not yet meet CMC’s practice/CPD standard; 

          2.   Non Practicing midwives (2 Sub types)
a) Clinical related;
b) Non clinical;

         3.   Foreign /international midwives (3 Sub types)
a) Practicing midwives;
b) Clinical related;
c) Responding to national emergency;

* 7 competency domains from Prakas on ’ Core Competency Framework for Midwives in the Kingdom of Cambodia’ open - save

Details of the Council’s ’Entitlement to Register’ procedure which includes criteria for registration can be obtained by clicking open - save

Contact telephone numbers for all PMC offices can be found in the ’useful information’ section of this website.

CMC’s new register will start in January 2014

Staying on the Register

National and Foreign midwives
In order for midwives to remain on the register CMC has produced standards for re registration and set out its requirements for continuing professional development (CPD) for midwives.

National midwives are required to re register with the Council every three years, International/foreign midwives every year. This is important for public safety as it ensures that midwives registered with the Council meet its standards for reregistration and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

 CPD is the means by which members of the midwifery profession maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives. The CPD cycle should start immediately after pre service education/training and involves  reviewing practice, identifying learning needs, planning and participating in relevant learning activities, reflecting on the value and recording of those activities.

CMC’s  Requirements and standards for re-registration

Practice standard

In order to re register in the clinical practice categories/types in the Council’ register a midwife must have worked treating patients by using her midwifery qualifications during the previous 3 years fora minimum of 1,500 hours during the 3 years prior to the date of reregistration

If she does not meet this requirement she will need to:

·        Undertake a course of study which is approved by the Ministry of Health OR

·        Undertake at least a 3 month period of supervision by a registered midwife who is then able to sign the Council’s ‘Verification of Competence’ letter to ensure that the midwife returning to practice has up to date knowledge and skills and is able to practice safely and meet the competencies and other standards set by the Council

For international midwives who are required to re register every year this requirement is for a minimum of 500 hours within 1year

CPD standard

One hour of active learning will equal one hour of CPD.It is the midwife’s responsibility to calculate how many hours of active learning have taken place.

All midwives must keep written documentation of CPD that demonstrates evidence of completion of a minimum of 40 hours of CPD per year or 120 hours over her 3 year re registration period.

All learning activities contributing to CPD must be documented including self-directed study, CPD learning activities must include dates, a brief description of the learning activity, outcomes and number of hours spent in each activity.

All evidence should be verified.

The Council’s role:

Includes monitoring the competence of midwives and the Council will conduct audits of a number midwives CPD records on a regular basis.

These standards set out the minimum requirements for re registration and CPD which must be directly relevant to the midwife’s sphere of practice. The Council reserves the right to give exemptions in individual cases.

The standard for CPD is mandatory for those registered midwives whose current work involves any type of involvement /and or impact in the realm of clinical or paramedical care including training pre service or post service ; writing, developing, implementing clinical guidelines,programmes or materials; influencing clinical midwifery practice and/or influencing the delivery of patient care. 

The standards do not apply to midwives who have non-practising /non clinical related registration however midwives in this category are still required to re register every 3 years in order for the register to remain accurate and up to date.

CMC’s ’ Guidelines for midwives on the standards for re registration and CPD can be found here by clicking open - save

These standards and requirements will come into force from January 2015 but we would advise all midwives to start collecting their portfolio of evidence of  CPD now.