CMC's strategic plan 2010 - 2015

The Council’s strategy document was developed in 2009 with support from UNFPA, The purpose of the document being to provide a strategic plan for the first 5 operational years of  the Council to enable it to deliver on the following Ministry of Health strategic objectives:
To provide safe midwifery services to the people of Cambodia
To promote competent midwifery practice in Cambodia
To provide midwives with opportunities for professional development
The following seven key areas were recognised as priority issues for the strategic plan period of 2010 to 2015 for the Cambodian Midwifery Council.

1.  Establishing the CMC
2.  Registering all midwives
3.  Issuing a practice certificate
4.  Accreditation of midwifery courses
5.  Establishing disciplinary committees
6.  Networking and partnership
7.  Financial sustainability

CMC’s strategic plan 2010 - 2015 can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here open - save